Most Men Make This Social Mistake, Killing Their Charisma (Video)


Some guys manage to overcome this fear and approach her… and they hit a new road block! A new type of pressure builds, and they do anything they can to escape it and release the pressure.

The two main ways guys do this: talking too fast… and asking for their number.

Asking for the number is great, it shows a clear intention, but… during many of my live bootcamps, I see students talking to girls for 1 minute, taking her number, and running away.

“Go back in!” I tell them. “You’re just leaving because you can’t handle the pressure of talking to her. Go and sit in the pressure, and build a connection.”

In this video you see me do both these things. Leaving space for her to invest, and staying after I get her number to find out more about her.

That silence… THIS is where that ‘spark’ is born, that edge, the feeling that the girl gets that makes her excited to be around a guy. Sitting in that silence is such a simple way for her to feel like you’re a bad boy who has sexual charisma.

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